The Secret World Of The Iphone: What You’ve Been Missing


People from all kinds of backgrounds and ages think the iphone is the best thing since sliced bread. Everyone is excited and talking about the new iphone. This article will answer that question and give you iphone tips that you may have never known existed, even if you are already an iphone owner!

Lower your iPhone’s brightness to save your battery. You can do this by changing the brightness in the settings area of your phone to a lower level. That helps you save your battery, which is especially usefully if you need to have a fully charged phone.

Suggestion Box

Hitting the “X” button when the AutoCorrect suggestion box comes up is not necessary. To eliminate this alteration, tap anywhere else on the screen. This automatically closes the suggestion box and makes your life much easier.

You can use the cord of your headphones to take an iphone photo. Begin by focusing the camera on the subject you would like to capture. When you are ready to snap the shot, depress the button your cord. That takes the photo for you. If you want to save it, just do what you would normally do to save a photo.

Just like other kinds of smart phones, you can set up an iphone to give you a visual indicator for the calls and messages you receive. The LED camera can blink when you have something coming in, silently but noticeably. Simply visit the “settings” area, go to “general”, then select “accessibility.” Switch Flash for Alerts to the “ON” position.

Should you be looking for an audible sound for typing, look in your Sound settings and turn on keyboard clicks. This makes it easier for some people when they are typing, to avoid mistakes.

If you get your iphone wet, don’t try to turn it on right away. Dry off the phone first and let the internal moisture evaporate. Turning on a wet phone is likely to short-circuit it, ruining it permanently.

Do not go overboard buying apps for your iphone. iphone has an infinite number of apps available, some of which are free and some that may cost money. However, there are a few to look out for that could get through the approval process, so be wary of any that get very bad reviews.

Take a photo with only one hand using your iphone. All you have to do is aim and press the volume increase button. There is no difference in the quality of picture that you will receive.

In conclusion, many people nowadays have an iphone. Perhaps the excitement was something you did not understand, but after having perused this piece, you likely see why you may want to buy a iphone today.