Everything Iphone: Tips, Tricks, Techniques And Advice


A lot of people have iphone and other complex devices, but few take the time to familiarize themselves with this technology. This article will give you tips and hints that will help you get the most use out of your iphone. Keep reading for some great information.

Getting a larger keyboard will make it easier to browse the web with your iphone. This does not require you to make any purchases but simply an adjustment on your device. Simply turn your phone sideways, get to the Safari address bar, and there you go. Now your keyboard is larger and you will be able to type more efficiently.

In order to conserve your battery usage on the iphone, reduce the brightness level. Just click on over to the settings section and select the option to reduce brightness. At a lower brightness, you’ll find your iphone lasts for a lot longer. This is especially helpful if you know you are going to go a long time between charges.

When you know how to use volume controls for picture taking, you can take the picture with your headphone cord. By using the cord buttons with one hand, you can keep your phone hand steadier. Doing so will give you a clear shot without shaking your iphone.

Purchase a protective screen for your iphone. You can shield your phone’s screen from the scratches and nicks that are common with regular use. It is easy for small particles on your fingers to create scratches. Therefore, a screen protector is an essential accessory.

Any website you visit can be made into an app. Just go to the site. Once you do this, tap the “Go” icon. You can then add the site on your home screen. Finally, you have the option to change it’s name once you have added it to your phone.

Create your very own shortcuts and add to your own dictionary with the iphone. You can use the diction feature and have your phone transcribe what you say out loud. You can add phrases and shortcuts to your phone while programming it. The AutoCorrect feature can also automatically fix your errors during typing.

Are you unsure of how to make accented letters in messages? We can help you with that! Simply press and hold on the letter you wish to change. A box with extra keys will come up. Now you can have more fun with your lettering.

As you browse webpages, scrolling with a single finger or two fingers is an option. If the site is divided into sections, one finger allows you to easily scroll through a single section. The two finger option will move you through the whole page.

If you wish to do basic arithmetic quickly, try using the calculator in your iPhone’s utility section. It’s available in standard form if it’s held vertically, but can become a scientific calculator if it’s held horizontally.

Having read this article, you now understand all of the technology utilized by the iphone. Although new apps are coming out daily, you should now be able to understand the basic functions of the iphone and decide which apps are right for you with no problems. You have gotten a lot of information that helped you understand where to get the information you need and how to best use this technology.