Can I play used games on PlayStation 5? – Android Central

Best answer: We can’t know for sure just yet, but we can assume yes, especially because the PlayStation 5 is planned to support backward compatability. The concern over used games came to a peak during the launch of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, where Sony famously mocked the Xbox One’s rumored inability by stating that used games could be played on the PlayStation 4. Since that’s the case now, it seems like a no-brainer that it’ll be the case on the PlayStation 5.

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What’s this about used games?

When the Xbox One was initially announced in 2013, a considerable uproar followed, as Microsoft had announced heavy restrictions on physical games. Specifically, players would have games tied to their accounts, meaning that lending or selling games would be near impossible. When Sony announced the PlayStation 4 shortly after, it famously took a jab at the company when it announced players would have no restrictions on any games.

While the present-day landscape of games is extremely digital, and while Xbox did end up changing its policies, players have since been very cautious about how companies will handle this going forward. Fortunately, it seems highly likely that Sony will not be placing any type of restrictions on physical games. Not only is everything mostly done digitally now, but it would just result in a massive backlash from the fans who still rely on renting or buying used games.

Will there be any restrictions?

Much like it is in present-day, the PlayStation 5 should allow players to use any type of physical game they want in the PS5, granted that it stays in the disc tray and is computable with the console. Players looking to wait to pick up some of the new releases for the PlayStation 5 shouldn’t have to worry at all on this front.

Will the PlayStation 5 support backward compatibility?

According to Sony, yes. Early in the PlayStation 5’s announcement history, lead console architect Mark Cerny said that the PS5 would be backward compatible with PlayStation 4 games, due in part to the console using some of the PS4’s architecture. This marks a big step for the console, as the PlayStation 4 did not feature any backward compatibility for PlayStation 3 games.

Should the PS5 be able to live up to its promise of supporting backward compatibility, it will help keep the vast library of PlayStation 4 games alive, which is likely the goal for Sony. Not only would you still be able to visit some of the classics of the PS4, but any late releases games for console could still be enjoyed on the newer PS5.